How do you see yourself?

Last Saturday, we had a free tour in Suwon and went to Naim June Paik Art Center. I thought it was just an ordinary art museum, I didn’t feel much excitement. But when we entered, I loved the ambiance. Then we were welcomed by aquariums with videos on the background. The museum guide shared the story of Naim June Paik and his legacy in video art. I enjoyed the tour around, especially seeing artworks of this renowned artist. Being a person who really appreciates art, I told myself “this is my kind of place.”

Of all his artworks, the one that really caught my attention and got me interested into (that’s why I took so many photos of it, from different angles) is the TV Buddha.

The museum guide said that this artwork reflects the convergence of East (religion) and West (technology). It also illustrated our narcissistic nature, wanting to see ourselves all the time. I interpreted his artwork as something that reflects each and every one of us, now in the advent of Facebook, Twitter and other social media. We use these technologies to show to the world who we really are. But in the process, we actually discover ourselves. We get to see our strengths and weaknesses, we see our capabilities and shortcomings.

I also think that oftentimes, in this life, there are medium through which we get to see our real identity. It could be relationships, career, religion, and others that help us see within. Every encounter that we have is valuable as it adds to our realization.

Lastly, I would interpret Buddha as our aim to be godlike. We all wanted to be gods deep within us. We want to live by our own, we want to control everything. Yet we fail to understand that what we need is to have God within us, to see our real identity. Without knowing God, we are lost. No matter how good the medium are to discover our potentials, if we don’t have eyes of faith, we are nothing.

So the next time you see yourselves, through any medium, see it with the eyes of God. You are precious and valued. You are paid for a price, a price that you couldn’t even pay.

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One Thought on “How do you see yourself?

  1. Yogendra Bordiya on February 26, 2012 at 10:54 am said:

    Thank you for sharing your insights. “Evolving” ourselves along with “Self Realization” is what we need to do (The way of Nature).

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