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26 Reasons of Love and Gratefulness



I am beyond grateful to God for blessing me immensely through my family, friends, work, networks and relationships. I have always desire to make a change in this world, in my own little ways.

Day 6 Ando Island

I am thankful to Big Dad for giving me 26 beautiful years in this world. I maybe halfway to real adulthood, I always want to be forever young (haha!). Let me share with you 26 Lessons/Reasons I have learned from all my experiences.

  1. It is true, love God, advance His Kingdom and all things will be added to you. Keeping our number 1 priority to fulfill the will of God in our lives, will make our journey with Him worthy of a lifetime.
  2. The best things happen outside of your comfort zone. Don’t be scared to sail away, the wind will bring you to places you deserve.
  3. Every sunset means that no matter how beautiful your day is, it needs to end, to give way for a new beginning.
  4. I have been a coffee lover. My favorite drink? Cappuccino. What I learned throughout these years… Love is sharing the same cup of coffee no matter how hot or cold it is. (Though I have never shared a cup of coffee to anyone “special”. :D)
  5. The world may forsake you, but your family will never leave you no matter what.
  6. A mom’s love is unconditional; a father’s love is limitless. I am grateful for my parents.
  7. Boys will always be boys. You can’t change them; you just have to complement with them. I learned this being the only girl having 3 brothers as frenemies.
  8. Real friends will stick with you through your success and failures. Cherish them, keep them in your world and forget those who leave you.
  9. “And I am falling in Your waves of love, it’s too wonderful for me.” God’s love is as eternal as the ocean.
  10. Love can move mountains. Hate can break relationships.
  11. “God has prepared something better for us, that only together with us would it be made perfect.”
  12. Travel the world, while your young. Save money, buy a ticket, and get lost in a city you’ve never been to.
  13. Your country of birth will never be forgotten, no matter how far you’ve been to. You will always go back home. I have always loved the Philippines.
  14. Invest on internal beauty, not just on physical attributes.
  15. Understand that God works through seasons. Summer, Spring, Winter and Autumn, God has time for everything.
  16. Read, read and read.
  17. Know your worth. If someone tried to put you down, choose to know that you don’t belong in that sphere.
  18. Love your job. Then you will never have to work for the rest of your life.
  19. Passion and Calling – that should be your motivation at work. Don’t let your salary define who you are.
  20. I have been a graduate of public and state universities – P. Burgos, V. Mapa, UP Diliman and Seoul National University. These are great institutions that have molded me. Education is the gift our parents can give us that no one can take from us.
  21. Sushi and ramen can make me quiet! And coffee? The greatest invention.
  22. Love yourself. You are given just one body, take care of it.
  23. Live a courageous life. If you’re living in fear, you’ll miss the wonders this life has to offer.
  24. Age doesn’t matter. Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example in every area of life.
  25. Live life to the fullest.
  26. “Do not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest, if we do not give up.”


Can you also share some of your treasured life learnings?



Love and sunshine,


Bookworm Alert – June 2015

One of my friends said she wants to read here in my blog the books I read. I love to read. From reports, blogs, books to newspapers – reading has been a habit ever since young. It has helped me survive life – land at my fulfilling jobs, be prepared and be an effective advocate. Reading also helps me be a conversationalist. So here, let me share to you the books I am reading this month:


1. Doing Justice – Bible Studies on Advocacy (World Vision)

I got this for free! I rummaged through Philippine Commission on Women’s library collection when they were throwing some books. That was in 2013. I got a whole box of books. Last week, I opened the box because I was looking for something then I got this. It is from World Vision, a Christian international NGO so the book is having advocacy at the core. Being in international development, this book is such a great help to align my work with God’s will. I read this every morning.

2. The Power of Determination (Joyce Meyer)


This one is from Fully Booked book sale, original price was 630 pesos but got it for 100 pesos! Good deal, right? It is filled with daily bible verses and her insights on how to live a life to be Christlike. As the title says, it highlights what it takes to be determined – faith, courage, boldness. It is a good quick read. I read this at night before sleeping.

20150624_073754_resized3. Cure for the Common Life: Living in your Sweet Spot (Max Lucado)

This is my first Lucado book. But at first chapter, he already got me! This is about finding your purpose in this life. He is talking about finding you “sweet spot” – where passion and calling meets. I like his writing and narrative style. Sharing anecdotes, bible verses and life lessons is all throughout the book. I have been learning a lot from this. I bought this I think with my first salary in Tacloban last year, the Philippine Christian bookstore was just beside our office. I normally read this on free time.

4. True Love (Robert Fulghum)

This is not a pocketbook with a romantic novel haha! Next to All I Need to Know I learned in Kindergarten, this is my second Fulghum favorite. 20150624_073819_resizedIn Uh-oh, he announced that he likes to receive short stories on love – all kinds of love – he was flooded with people sharing their stories to him. I knew that I badly want that book, but unfortunately National Bookstore, Fully Booked, Powerbooks, even the bookstores in UP Diliman did not have it. How I got this treasure – my friend Michelle got this for me. She found it in Book sale for just a whooping 30 pesos. Panalo! I always have this on my bag. It is not meant to be read in one seating. I will lend you for 15 minutes when we meet. I have this in my bag. 🙂

My favorite book though is still the Bible. When I was a freshman in UP, on my first day one student said “The Bible is fiction.” Whatever they think, that is still the best book for me. It speaks life. And most importantly, God speaks through it. I love metaphors and stories, life lessons and guidance on how to live a fruitful life.

“For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12 (ESV)

Go share your books for this month too!


20150624_073836_1_resizedP.S. I always write on my books, or highlight, circle, heart haha lahat na ng shapes! I have been using these Muji Gel Pens, I like to recommend it too. Per color is 65 pesos, but it goes a long long way. Mine I have bought 3 years ago pa until now di pa ubos.

On needles and pain

Yesterday, I went to visit a skin clinic because of some irritation. I’ve been in pain since the weekend but because of Buddha’s birthday holiday I had to suffer more. Can’t wait for my appointment since my tolerance to pain is quite low, and I couldn’t take it anymore.

So there, I went to the clinic on time. But I had to wait few more minutes, because I found out, they had to call the interpreter. So she accompanied me to the doctor, translated everything the doctor said. Everything seemed fine until the interpreter said the deadly words “they will give you an injection”. My eyes grew big and my heart beat tripled, in my mind I just told to myself “I’m dead huhuhu”.

Yes, I am afraid of hypodermic needles. I remember blaming a clueless friend for asking me to see the doctor when I wasn’t feeling well because I was injected (and it was painful) that day. Yesterday, I had no one to blame but my skin for being irritated. 😀

Evidence of overcoming my fear! 

While I was lying on the bed, painfully waiting until the medicine is completely in my system, I realized that my fear of needles is a simple manifestation of humanity’s resistance to pain.

No one wants to be in pain or suffer. All of us want a good life. Next to fighting a disease, I often witness pain in the form of being heartbroken. Emotional pain. People get really devastated; some people lose or gain weight; some people transform after a bad break-up. They say it is really painful. I am NBSB so I couldn’t relate. I am just thankful I haven’t experience any of those (and I am praying and believing that it will be possible to fall in love without passing through that heartbroken stage).

They say that the pain of the needle on your skin is just like a bite of an ant. It means that it is nothing compared to all the pain and hardships some people experience. I know that in real world there will be a lot of “painful” moments that might come, those that are maybe beyond my tolerance.

Yet I am secured, that no matter what happens, my God will be my refuge in time of need. And I don’t have to be afraid of those moments because Jesus, My Savior, had already died for me, bearing the pain that no one of us can, for me to have a life to the full.

“Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering, yet we considered him punished by God,  stricken by him, and afflicted.  But he was pierced for our transgressions,  he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.” –Isaiah 53:4-5

The Smartphone Generation

When I first arrived here in South Korea, I noticed something interesting in the subway: people are either sleeping (which is normal) or their eyes are glued on their smartphone. Later on, I tried to peek 😀 and look at what they are actually doing with their smartphones, and I found out they are chatting (in Kakaotalk), watching a Korean drama, or reading an e-book.

(I would never witness that scenario in the Philippines. People don’t display their phones in any mode of transportation, because it is a way of giving it out voluntarily  to the bad guys hehe)

I decided to buy a smartphone as well, thinking it would really be helpful in my stay here in Korea. True to that, it has been a reliable friend. I love using Kakaotalk to easily communicate with friends; then there’s a subway app for an efficient transportation, and all those creative innovations accessible in just a click. Indeed, technology has never failed to make our life easy.

Our parents must have repeatedly bragged that during their time, there was no Google, Facebook or Twitter. Every research project was a product of blood and sweat, as they need to work with that huge typewriter ( that was the time when correction liquid was very useful 😀 ) and do library-hopping.  And then I’m sure that most of you have answered them back “That was your time! See, I’m more efficient now.”

But, no matter how good any invention is, it has side effects.

Last Saturday, we went to this KOICA event for high school students. We were told to prepare a quiz question for a game to test their abilities. A disclaimer was provided that the kids are really intelligent. So there, we entered the hall, introduced ourselves then started the quiz. Truly, the students are so smart! They can easily answer some trivial questions about our countries. But, we noticed that when the question was really tough, it was a matter of how smart is your smartphone.

So what happens when the battery is dead? Where would we rely? Aside from making us too reliant to it, sometimes it makes us anti-social. My introverted self has been benefiting from my smartphone because instead of trying to have an interesting conversation with the person seated next to me, I would just give my full attention to the phone, all alone in my world. I am also guilty of trying to document everything to the point of forgetting how to live the moment.

We need to think more how to maximize the ingenuity of humanity in the form of this gadget. We need to take advantage of the creativeness of those who believed that this generation has the power to change the world, thus giving us all the means to do that. But more than anything else, we need to take control of it, as what the campaign says, “Think before you click”.

I will always be thankful to the smart guys who invented this uber smart gadget. I have appreciated it especially now that I’m miles away from family and friends. With just a click, I can communicate with them. But with also just a click, I can destroy relationships, or spread hatred. So, I must say, “think not just once, twice or thrice before you click. Think a million times.”

I will not ask you to surrender your smartphone (because I will not do that either), what I’m trying to say is that the next time you are itching to update your status to tell your friends you are eating the best dish in the world or you are seeing a captivating view by the beach, remember that your brain has the power to store amazing memories, so savor and live each moment.

The Bollywood Experience

My friends say that I am an old soul trapped in a young woman’s body. Check my playlist and you’ll see that my songs are so yesterday. Another way to check is my movies library. I am really not updated when it comes to movies. I love watching films (I even took courses back in my university years), but I always make sure that the movie I’m going to watch is really worth it. I don’t like spending money or 2 hours of my time in a movie that’s not good. So my favourite movies are those that my professors asked my class to watch and my friends’ recommendation, and that’s why I watch years after they were released in the big screen. 😀

This month, despite all the grad school requirements, I was able to watch 3 Bollywood films that really touched my heart. The first one was 3 Idiots (2009). I remember it became really famous in 2009. But I already forgot why I didn’t watch this film. Fast forwarding, I finally had the time. And I was crying the entire movie. Wait, there were even some scenes when I was laughing so hard then the tears just started falling. It was a very cathartic. The next one was Stanley Ka Dabba (2011). It has a very simple plot, which I really like. And when I least expected it, my heart was crushed. And the most recent (let’s say, last night) I watched Taare Zameen Par (2007). I will just show you the tissues I used while watching this movie:

All these three movies are tear-jerkers. But more than that, these teach great lessons about life. I am sharing the three (out of so many) lessons I’ve got from my movie watching:

1. You cannot survive life by yourself.  “No man is an island.”This saying has been taught to us since primary school. In these three movies, the importance of relationships was highlighted. The friendship that Rancho, Raju and Farhan have was something that helped them survived the challenges at school, and the greater challenges they faced outside school. Stanley has classmates that did not judge him. Ram Nikumbh exerted time and effort to help Ishaan. We need to value our relationships. That lunch or dinner, or a small talk may seem insignificant, but investing time matters to nurture our relationships. The people in our lives are there for a purpose. And we can also influence the lives of  the people we encounter.

2.) Pursue what you love doing.  Raju and Farhan are forced to go to Engineering school, but they love other things. Stanley can’t afford to study, but he is an intelligent student and loves to learn. Ishaan can’t read and write, but he loves to paint and is even above average. The biggest challenge we often face is to know what we really love to do. It is not something that we realize in an instant Eureka moment. It takes time. But we have to start looking for something that fulfils our purpose in life.

3.)  If there’s something in this world that you don’t like, CHANGE it. In these three movies, the restricting factor was the educational system that they have. But all the characters did not let the system prohibit them from achieving what they want. They did not grumble, they acted to change the system. Sometimes we are stuck complaining, but really, are we doing something? Our society has so many problems. But those problems won’t be solved overnight. Or those will not just disappear. We have to do something. It does not necessarily need to be big; a small bold step could actually lead to changes.

If you have time, I suggest you watch these films. These are not merely entertaining; these movies have a heart. But don’t forget to have tissues ready (I warned you, don’t come back to me saying you were unware). 😀

“Pursue for excellence, success will chase you.” – Rancho, 3 Idiots