Gracey Reyes: Creatively beautiful with a Heart

I have known Gracey Reyes when she was still a high school student and I was one of the volunteers for the High School ministry of Victory U-belt. Ever since, I have seen how passionate she is, especially in serving the Lord. Now I am happy to see her fulfilling her dreams – be a creative artist for the glory of God.

10443540_1013598575321772_2633960400962571437_nSome say that being an artist is having a vow to poverty; many would say that it is not a lucrative career to pursue. It take courage and motivation to excel, and I am very happy that Gracey is enjoying her season in this field. In daytime, she is working as a graphic artist of KFC Philippines. She is also a creative volunteer for Production Design Ministry in Victory – they normally make the “experience” in Victory U-belt fun and engaging for the church attendees. She is a runner, an event stylist, she climbs mountain as a hobby, and as she said “an advocate of love”. 🙂

Describing herself as “an artist with a heart”, Gracey sets apart from other artists because she make passion as her ultimate motivation. She is very versatile and makes sure that every artwork she makes is a product of love. One of her most favorite practice so far is doing a Live Art Painting (within 5 minutes)! Imagine the pressure and excitement, but she perfectly executed it.

Lettering is one of the hobbies of many young people today. But Gracey uses it to inspire to design, and design to inspire. Her creative senses are energized when she travels and go to different places. She loves observing people and just talk to strangers.


My greatest challenge: is fear to do the impossible, to make a mistake”.  Gracey has produced several inspiring artworks, and she will continue to flourish in this field. I see her as a great steward of God’s gift – fulfilling God’s purpose by using the talents God has given her. As she says “the most important is… giving the glory to God who created you and give you the talent to Honor Him. Apart from Him, we can do nothing.”IMG_9571-741x1024

When asked about her advice to the community, especially emerging artists, she shared that “other artists are far better than you. But you have nothing to prove, no one to impress. Do your art and Honor the Lord. You are designed to inspire. Heal the world, make it a better place through your art.”

For me, she is an Inspiring Letterer. It’s one thing to get to know and understand your purpose, but it’s really something when you live to fulfill your purpose. Understanding your craft and working to improve from what you are yesterday will surely bring you to greater heights. I can sense that Gracey will continue to be an inspiring gifted person known in her field.

Gracey will have a Hand Lettering Workshop on April 9 at 10:00 a.m. at Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe, Don Roces Ave, Quezon City. For more info, you can contact her at 09063418991 or email her at She is supporting the welfare of children, so 5o pesos for each registration will benefit the children supported by Save the Children Philippines.

You can see more of her works at her IG account @pinayheartist.

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P.S. Gracey designed my blog header! Isn’t it amazing? 🙂


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