Ideas that Matter 2015 focuses on Women Empowerment

Two weeks ago, I received an invitation from an organization called Ideas that Matter in University of Sto. Tomas, Manila. I was invited to be the guest of speaker for the topic “Woman of Courage.” Wow. They found my thesis online on political empowerment of women in the Philippines, and felt the importance of imparting to students the significance of women empowerment.

I prepared my talk last week, and I was just happy because things kept popping out of my head as I make a note for the talk. Then made a presentation using some of my personal photos. (I will share the text in my next blog).

So this morning, I went to UST to give a talk to students from the College of Fine Arts and Design. It was overwhelming to see a lot of them, but I was pumped up with their energies and passion. My talk went on for an hour, then some of them asked questions. One of the questions was “In simple terms, can you define women empowerment?”



That was difficult because women empowerment is never simple. But it is through women empowerment that we can achieve gender equality, I shared. Women are discriminated in all sectors of society, from education to employment. It is critical that we fight for women’s rights as human rights. Empowering women can be as simple as giving us the platform to speak, to providing equal access to resources.

It was a great experience for me, sharing my life learnings in the short journey so far after graduation. I really hope they were inspired to hear from me how to be a “Woman of Courage.” Thanks UST Ideas that Matter. Sa uulitin!


P.S. I really love the token of appreciation from them. This happens when you get to talk with cool advertising students. 🙂




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One Thought on “Ideas that Matter 2015 focuses on Women Empowerment

  1. Charlene Nunez on April 25, 2015 at 7:08 pm said:

    Indeed a woman with courage leads to provide self empowerment throughout various aspect.

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