Papa’s Girl Confessions

I have a confession to make: I am a daddy’s girl. Ganun talaga ata kapag one and only princess in the family. If my mom has imparted me her brains and independence, it has been my dad who has trained me to have protective instinct, excellence and diligence.

I come from a “surviving daily” family. My mother is a career woman while I was growing up, but my dad, being a carpenter before (now he leads construction of major subdivisions) would be the one to oversee us. I am a witness of how my father would do everything just to provide for our needs. I cannot remember a single moment that we skipped a meal, because he has been so hardworking and loving.

When I was I think 5 years old, he had an accident while renovating our house. I could just remember that he was in PGH for his right eye being pierced by a nail. Praise to God that he was healed and did not get blind. Then when I was I think 8 or 9 years old, because he is a heavy drinker and a smoker, he acquired tuberculosis. I witnessed his struggle to drink medicines religiously, sleep at exactly 9pm then have candies instead of smoking. He survived. Now he is about to celebrate his 60th birthday next week.


My father is my caregiver. When I am sick, he makes sure I get medicines or make sure Vicks is handy (haha!). I remember I was 9 and I was anemic. For one week he did not work, he became my personal chef to cook different meals of “atay”. Until now I hate the taste of liver (but not Reno haha)! I have a long story of my sickly body but my dad never left me. He didn’t give up on me.

If not for my father and mother, I will not have my accomplishments today. They have inspired me to study well because that is what we can inherit from them. I am beyond blessed that I still have my parents with me. They are so generous too, that they give to needy even with little that they have.

As Acts 16: 31 says: They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.” I am grateful to God for the gift of salvation for my father, brothers and my entire family. 🙂

Happy happy Father’s Day Papa Ibo! Love you!

P.S. Papa, thank you kasi wala pa rin akong boyfriend dahil strict ka nung college ako, so ang saya ng singlehood ko up to now. 😀

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