Super Mama’s Day!

I wanted to honor my Mama for this Mother’s Day celebration. I couldn’t thank the heavens enough for having a super mom. While growing up, I always remember my mom waking up very early to prepare our breakfast for school, she would always wake me up (I have been difficult to wake up in the morning ever since!) feed me and send to school. Then she would prepare to go to work. She is such a career woman, also fulfilling her duties as a wife and a husband. During weekends, she would allow me to wake up late then play outside. But I will never forget how she would make sure Sunday is the day to go to church. If there’s someone who has been an influence in my walk with God, it is her. My mom is a Protestant, and we would go to church every Sunday. When I was 16 years old, I decided to join Victory, she was all out supportive for me.


It is true that a Mother’s love is unconditional. Motherhood is the toughest job ever. Imagine my mom raising up a strong woman like me. But she has trained me to become independent, but truly dependent to God. I have always felt my mother’s love. In my dark days, she was there pulling me up. In days of celebration, she was there to cheer for me. My mom and dad never missed a recognition day at school, they always appreciate our hard work.

For so many times, she has been my protector and defender. If someone hurt me, she will be hurt and fight back. She taught me to speak my mind, to be creative, to be innovative.


Mama, I love you forever. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you because even before I speak, you know what I need and want. I want to be like you, strong and courageous that would do anything for her family. I hope I always make you proud. Happy Mother’s Day! <3

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