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Here I am, AGAIN.

Blogging is not new to me. I created a blogger account back in 2006 for myself. From time to time I got to update it. Then Friendster blogger came. But the height of my blogging (career?) was not to blog about my personal experiences, but to use the power of internet to work on my advocacy for young girls and young women. I started the fun blog for the Girl Scouts of the Philippines back in 2007. It became a personal project and is still on the web. My personal whatnots are only posted on my social networking sites, Multiply, Facebook and Tumblr.

My first job description was actually a  New Media Writer. That’s a powerful combo. But I didn’t own a personal space for myself in the Internet.

Then what motivated me to start this blog (and decided to continue updating it)?

First is that I am now here in South Korea. I am blessed to be in this wonderful country. And I get to experience a lot on my free time. Graduate school is tough, and I think I will also need a breather from the nosebleed Economics readings and gruelling exams. And a big factor here is I have a really fast Internet connection, which makes blogging a hassle-free hobby.

Second thing is that I’ve got a lot of friends to support me. This blog is actually a product of various minds. I love how this whole thing was conceived by a suggestion of Ate Evita in Twitter, then my two super friends Michelle and Michelle (isn’t it cool when your bestfriends have the same name as yours?) supporte d my newest endeavour (as always!). In one cold night friend Rhan and I brainstormed via Skype for the blog name and tagline, and other stuff.  Then I realized I know some geek guys who are experts in computer stuff, Markdhel and Amir. See, when you want to achieve something, the universe actually conspire to make things easy for you.

Lastly, I want to keep track on how close am I to my dreams. Yes, I am such a dreamer. Every experience I have is the convergence of my dreams and reality. I want to share how I live each eventful day, and what I am learning from this big classroom called life. I also want you to know how faithful God is, in fulfilling all those dreams he instilled in my heart. And someday, I want to have something to show to my grandchildren when I am already a ‘lola techie.’


 Time is running out fast, and I am one day closer to my dreams.