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The Bollywood Experience

My friends say that I am an old soul trapped in a young woman’s body. Check my playlist and you’ll see that my songs are so yesterday. Another way to check is my movies library. I am really not updated when it comes to movies. I love watching films (I even took courses back in my university years), but I always make sure that the movie I’m going to watch is really worth it. I don’t like spending money or 2 hours of my time in a movie that’s not good. So my favourite movies are those that my professors asked my class to watch and my friends’ recommendation, and that’s why I watch years after they were released in the big screen. 😀

This month, despite all the grad school requirements, I was able to watch 3 Bollywood films that really touched my heart. The first one was 3 Idiots (2009). I remember it became really famous in 2009. But I already forgot why I didn’t watch this film. Fast forwarding, I finally had the time. And I was crying the entire movie. Wait, there were even some scenes when I was laughing so hard then the tears just started falling. It was a very cathartic. The next one was Stanley Ka Dabba (2011). It has a very simple plot, which I really like. And when I least expected it, my heart was crushed. And the most recent (let’s say, last night) I watched Taare Zameen Par (2007). I will just show you the tissues I used while watching this movie:

All these three movies are tear-jerkers. But more than that, these teach great lessons about life. I am sharing the three (out of so many) lessons I’ve got from my movie watching:

1. You cannot survive life by yourself.  “No man is an island.”This saying has been taught to us since primary school. In these three movies, the importance of relationships was highlighted. The friendship that Rancho, Raju and Farhan have was something that helped them survived the challenges at school, and the greater challenges they faced outside school. Stanley has classmates that did not judge him. Ram Nikumbh exerted time and effort to help Ishaan. We need to value our relationships. That lunch or dinner, or a small talk may seem insignificant, but investing time matters to nurture our relationships. The people in our lives are there for a purpose. And we can also influence the lives of  the people we encounter.

2.) Pursue what you love doing.  Raju and Farhan are forced to go to Engineering school, but they love other things. Stanley can’t afford to study, but he is an intelligent student and loves to learn. Ishaan can’t read and write, but he loves to paint and is even above average. The biggest challenge we often face is to know what we really love to do. It is not something that we realize in an instant Eureka moment. It takes time. But we have to start looking for something that fulfils our purpose in life.

3.)  If there’s something in this world that you don’t like, CHANGE it. In these three movies, the restricting factor was the educational system that they have. But all the characters did not let the system prohibit them from achieving what they want. They did not grumble, they acted to change the system. Sometimes we are stuck complaining, but really, are we doing something? Our society has so many problems. But those problems won’t be solved overnight. Or those will not just disappear. We have to do something. It does not necessarily need to be big; a small bold step could actually lead to changes.

If you have time, I suggest you watch these films. These are not merely entertaining; these movies have a heart. But don’t forget to have tissues ready (I warned you, don’t come back to me saying you were unware). 😀

“Pursue for excellence, success will chase you.” – Rancho, 3 Idiots