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Samgyeopsal all-you-can in Sinchon!

If you ask me what is my favourite Korean food, my tummy and heart would agree that samgyeopsal tops the list. Maybe because it was the first Korean food I tried here, or because of the frequency of eating the Korean barbecue that I have conditioned my mind “This is the best.”

My friends and I go to the BBQ restaurant near our school until we discovered this haven in Sinchon. Seoul National University is so far from downtown Seoul, we have to travel at least an hour to reach that place. But that is always worth the time.

So here in this restaurant (which I actually don’t know if it has any name, we just call it “THE Unli BBQ place”), you enter, choose where you’ll be seating for two hours or more, then go to the bar and get any meat you want.

This is inside the “restaurant”. It is not that fancy,well-lit, foodie haven that you expect. It is small, but I think this is close enough to what we normally see in the Korean dramas, where the actors would drink Soju ’till the credits. 😀 And as the tarpaulin displays, it is 8,000 won per person (around 7 dollars, and 300 pesos).

Beef, chicken, shrimp, or pork; you’ll be the one to surrender. 

Samgyeopsal won’t be complete without these sauces. My favorite is the one on bottom left, it is called ssamjang.

This is how the pan on my table looked like tonight! YUMMY!

One secret to make the samgyeopsal food trip really enjoyable: bring as many friends as possible. Trust me, you wouldn’t enjoy it by yourself.

So here’s the gang with whom I shared tonight’s food with:

If you happen to be in Seoul and you want to experience the real food trippin’, try to go to this place. Your tummy would be satisfied without hurting your pocket.

How to go there: Subway Line 2 (Green Line) Sinchon station, go to exit number 2. Walk straight for 10 minutes until you see Adidas, and T-World, then turn left. You’ll see restaurants all-lined up. On your right, you’ll see a big barbecue place, not that one 😀 but the second one. The owners are at the entrance trying to persuade the people to come. Give in and enjoy!

P.S. We came there tonight with a reason: to celebrate our good friend Johanne’s birthday. And since we’ve been coming to the restaurant in a big group, they were kind enough to give us cola and makgeoli as service. 🙂

My tummy loves South Korea!

We Filipinos love to eat. From the most simple kakanin to the complicated dishes, we spoil our tummies. Before I came here to South Korea, the only Korean food I am familiar of is Jjam-pong. I know I am such a loser but I am not really into exploring restaurants. When I already found my comfort food, I will keep eating and eating that until I don’t like it anymore.

My friends told me that Koreans love spicy food, and I said that’s not a problem because my parents are from Bicol and we always have siling labuyo on our food. I grew up loving spicy food. Another thing they said is that Koreans love vegetables. Hmmm then I will learn how to eat veggies ‘coz I don’t like it that much. Lastly is that Koreans are so health conscious that they don’t put too much salt or sugar.

I thought adjusting to food here will be difficult for me, but I was wrong! I fell in love with Korean food the first time I ate and have a taste of their cuisine. So far here’s my top 10 favorite Korean food.

10. Korean street food

This photo shows one of street food stalls in Myeongdong. They sell hotdog/sausages. My favourite here is the one wrapped with bacon. So every time I get hungry after shopping I just grab one stick. There’s actually a lot of street food here. I might need a full blog entry for this. Price: 2,000 won

9. Hotok

This is also sold at the streets. Hotok is like a pancake, or more like our famous piyaya. It is crunchy bread with cinnamon and honey inside. Price: 700 won each

8. Yang-gogi

This is not actually a traditional Korean food, and it is sold in a Chinese restaurant here. But this food is made for Korean customers. It is lamb chops in sticks. The meat is not smelly and easy to chew. It is also perfect with Chinese-style fried rice. We usually have this after exam break or an exhausting week. Price: 9,000 per set (10 sticks)

7. Samgyetang

I ate this once, during the Seoul tour arranged for us. It is young chicken stew, with ginseng. They said it is good during summer to give you more energy. The chicken is also stuffed with rice. I love this because it is like our tinola. I am not sure about the price though but it is a little expensive.

6. Kimchi-shige

Kimchi is not for me. I am trying my best to eat it, but I just can’t. Surprisingly, I love the kimchi-soup. It is a spicy stew of cabbage and other vegetables, sometimes with tofu or noodles. And this picture is a typical set of a meal, complete with different side dishes. Price: 4,500 won

5. Chim-dak

I discovered this because a friend brought me to a restaurant in the SNU subway station. I am always there but never thought they have real good food like this. It is chicken with potatoes and carrots with soy sauce and vinegar. Sounds familiar, eh? Yes, it is like our adobo. Just that it has a lot of red chillies and noodles. Price: 26,000 won (good for four)

4. Cheese Ramyeon

You can see noodles just everywhere. But this cheese ramyeon is really special. I love this really spicy noodles topped with cheese. It is just perfect for the cold weather. Price: 3,000 won

3. Korean shabu-shabu

My friends are really good in discovering sumptuous Korean food. They found a shabu-shabu restaurant that’s near our school. It is actually a mix of vegetables, noodles, mushroom and beef. After finishing it, they will fry rice. Price: 19,000 won (good for 3)

2. Kimbap

It is famous globally. Kimbap is made of rice and other ingredients like vegetables and meat (tuna or beef) and rolled with gim (dried seaweed). I think it is the cheapest of all the Korean food in my list. Price: 2,500 won

1. Samgyeopsal

My most favourite Korean food is the Korean BBQ samgyeopsal! I will never get tired of eating this! You grill swegogi (beef) or dwejigogi (pork) then you wrap it in lettuce, add some salt or chilli paste. You can also eat with rice. The best way to eat this is to be with your good friends around. Price: beef: 8,000 per person.

There are still some that I haven’t included in this list. I have yet to try other Korean food. But so far, my tummy is really enjoying here in South Korea!