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Start the year with a BANG!

New Year’s Day is such a big day for dreamers like me. It is the time of the year when I can look back and see what I was able to achieve, and look forward for the new goals I can reach. This day, I can realize how faithful God is in my life, fulfilling every desire of my heart.

I can say that 2011 was my year. It was the time of being right on track again, after all that happened the previous year. Though I do not regret anything in the past, it is inevitable that there were moments I wished never happened. But then I realized, if those events didn’t occur, I would not be here right now.

Great things happened last 2011! And I am expectant for greater things this 2012! But before completing my faith goals, I want to change how I manage my time. This year, I would be wiser on where to invest my time and effort. In 2012, I would:

1. Invest more time on relationships

The most important relationship I have is with God. I want more quality time with God, seeking him more every single day. I would also spend more time with my family. A once a week bonding/leisure time wouldn’t hurt. And also more UBE with my beloved friends.

2. Invest more on things that would make me beautiful INSIDE.

I have been spending a lot on clothes and shoes. This year, I would cut expenses on such, and will invest on material things than can help me grow. What are those? I will make a habit of “Saturday is ME day”, reading books every Saturday in a coffee shop. I will also listen more to podcasts and video lectures. When I get back, I am planning to enrol in short courses on photography or events management. I will watch more movies (yeah, they help us grow too). I will TRAVEL more!

3. Invest more on my advocacies

I am praying to have a job that’s working on one of my advocacies. If that won’t happen, I will make a way on how to help others in my simple ways. I need to be functional with my skills and talents, transforming them into actions that can help other people!

I am sharing this because you may have suggestions on how to fully accomplish this. I know these are simple, but really they will contribute on my personal growth. What about you, where do you want to invest your time and effort this 2012?