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The Smartphone Generation

When I first arrived here in South Korea, I noticed something interesting in the subway: people are either sleeping (which is normal) or their eyes are glued on their smartphone. Later on, I tried to peek 😀 and look at what they are actually doing with their smartphones, and I found out they are chatting (in Kakaotalk), watching a Korean drama, or reading an e-book.

(I would never witness that scenario in the Philippines. People don’t display their phones in any mode of transportation, because it is a way of giving it out voluntarily  to the bad guys hehe)

I decided to buy a smartphone as well, thinking it would really be helpful in my stay here in Korea. True to that, it has been a reliable friend. I love using Kakaotalk to easily communicate with friends; then there’s a subway app for an efficient transportation, and all those creative innovations accessible in just a click. Indeed, technology has never failed to make our life easy.

Our parents must have repeatedly bragged that during their time, there was no Google, Facebook or Twitter. Every research project was a product of blood and sweat, as they need to work with that huge typewriter ( that was the time when correction liquid was very useful 😀 ) and do library-hopping.  And then I’m sure that most of you have answered them back “That was your time! See, I’m more efficient now.”

But, no matter how good any invention is, it has side effects.

Last Saturday, we went to this KOICA event for high school students. We were told to prepare a quiz question for a game to test their abilities. A disclaimer was provided that the kids are really intelligent. So there, we entered the hall, introduced ourselves then started the quiz. Truly, the students are so smart! They can easily answer some trivial questions about our countries. But, we noticed that when the question was really tough, it was a matter of how smart is your smartphone.

So what happens when the battery is dead? Where would we rely? Aside from making us too reliant to it, sometimes it makes us anti-social. My introverted self has been benefiting from my smartphone because instead of trying to have an interesting conversation with the person seated next to me, I would just give my full attention to the phone, all alone in my world. I am also guilty of trying to document everything to the point of forgetting how to live the moment.

We need to think more how to maximize the ingenuity of humanity in the form of this gadget. We need to take advantage of the creativeness of those who believed that this generation has the power to change the world, thus giving us all the means to do that. But more than anything else, we need to take control of it, as what the campaign says, “Think before you click”.

I will always be thankful to the smart guys who invented this uber smart gadget. I have appreciated it especially now that I’m miles away from family and friends. With just a click, I can communicate with them. But with also just a click, I can destroy relationships, or spread hatred. So, I must say, “think not just once, twice or thrice before you click. Think a million times.”

I will not ask you to surrender your smartphone (because I will not do that either), what I’m trying to say is that the next time you are itching to update your status to tell your friends you are eating the best dish in the world or you are seeing a captivating view by the beach, remember that your brain has the power to store amazing memories, so savor and live each moment.