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Lovely Day in Goyang City

Few weeks ago, on a freezing cold Friday, my classmates and I joined the free tour for foreigners in Goyang City. It is 30 minutes away from Seoul, famous as the flower city of Korea. It is winter though, so we cannot see blooming flowers around. But since it is free :D, we participated in the government-arranged trip.

We were picked-up at the Korean Tourism Organization Headquarters in Eulijiro 3-ga in downtown Seoul at around 9:30. Then we headed to our first stop: Goyang Lake Park. It was really freezing cold (-8 degreeh, eh?) but some of us still joined the bicycle riding. I was so happy because it was my first time to ride the bicycle in Korea (which is actually included in my bucket list). It is a crazy idea to ride a bike in winter, but we did it!

After that we headed to the Hallyu museum. Goyang is also famous for the KPOP bands that originated from the city, and some Korean dramas that were shot there.

We had a handicraft making session. We made Hanji (traditional paper) crafts. I’ve got souvenirs that I personally made, yay! 🙂

Then they brought us to the Central and South America Culture Center. It is a museum and a restaurant in one! The owner is a former ambassador to Latin America, so after he retired he built that museum. He welcomed us all and gave an inspiring talk. He’s such a man who lived his life very well. When he asked us to introduce ourselves, he had a comment on each country where we’re from!  After the talk, they served us Paella and steak. That was the best free lunch I had here in Korea!

The tour ended with the Grease musical show. Too bad I was so sleepy that afternoon so I feel asleep during the show. Also, everything was in Korean so I cannot understand it.

The best things in life are really free. I never thought that a free trip could be this good. I had a really lovely day in Goyang!